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Hi all, If you were hungry, and wanted something fast to fill your stomach, you can go to McDonald’s and order a fast meal, and I’ve done that many times… When you get your order, few things you can almost be sure of: The meal is inexpensive, you will get it  with almost no waiting time, it will be hot, … Read More

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How valuable is your time on the dental chair

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Hi all, When you come to our office whether for the first time, or you have been here before, you will clearly notice that we take our time to see you. In fact, we block more time than really needed for each one of you, just in case. And for those who are flying from out of state or from … Read More

Andrew ArnoukHow valuable is your time on the dental chair


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During a recent trip to Arizona to help mentoring a hands-on course for three days, I was surprised to see a fairly recent graduate and young dentist, who flew from Jamaica to take the course. Hands-on courses in dentistry are a very serious commitment, for two reasons: 1- You have to be out of the office for a few days … Read More

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When do you need interdisciplinary dentistry

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Hi All, Being a restorative dentist, I can help you a lot achieve an improved outcome, however, some situations are way more complicated to be achieved restoratively only, that is when interdisciplinary dentistry comes to play a role. It is achieve by a mutual effort of your restorative dentist, an orthodontist, a periodontist, and an oral surgeon. It might need … Read More

Andrew ArnoukWhen do you need interdisciplinary dentistry

Education First

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Hi all, Continuing education knows no boundaries, and as part of my commitment to be the best clinician I could be, I am  leading a team of fine dentists for another  trip to Brazil, where we will meet a world class clinician for a week of hands on course. Dentistry has been  changing so rapidly in the last two decades, … Read More

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For out of state patients

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Hello everybody, For those of you who are flying from out of state, we like to suggest that  you to fly to BWI airport. If you arrange with us, our concierge can pick you up at the airport at the baggage claim, or outside at the arrival, and bring you straight to our dental office in Laurel, MD. If you want … Read More

Andrew ArnoukFor out of state patients

Second Opinion/Consultation

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If you haven’t been to our office before, one way to experience us for the first time, is to schedule for a curtesy consultation/ second opinion. It takes usually 30 min to an hour with me. I might take one or more x-rays as part of your visit, to b able to diagnose properly. You will meet me and the … Read More

Andrew ArnoukSecond Opinion/Consultation


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Since teeth are designed in a bell shape, the space between each two adjacent teeth is filled with a piece of gum called papilla which is one of the most important aspect of a natural smile. In a natural smile this papilla fills the spaces between adjacent teeth completely, however this papilla can collapse and eventually get lost which will ... Read More


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Root canals are like any other dental procedures, once you are numb, it is like doing a filling, completely pain free. Also a reasonable percentage of infected root canals are done without any anesthesia at call with zero discomfort. Also using the rotary nickle titanium flexible files, root canals are done now more efficiently, and with a higher success rate. ... Read More