kwfd_1Cosmetic Dentistry is the creation of a beautiful smile where the teeth, gums, lips and face are all in harmony with each other.

Some people already have a beautiful smile that just needs minor tweaking.  Whether it is a discolored tooth in the front area, a small cavity on a front tooth that started to show up when smiling, a single or multiple gaps in the front teeth, a slightly rotated tooth, or any other issues.

For other people, it might involve some old front restorations (single or multiple crowns, or an  anterior bridge) that don’t look natural.  It might have redness or slight swelling in the gum area that is adjacent to the restorations or smaller than normal one/more front teeth.  It could be rotated teeth, multiple teeth with cavities, and missing one or more of your front teeth.

And for some people, it could include comprehensive work with involvement of other specialists.  Such as an orthodontist, an oral surgeon, and/or a gum disease specialist to bring the final pleasing results.

I would simply like to invite you for a courtesy consultation with me, to show you the different options that are ideal for your specific situation.

This consultation visit is strictly informative – just to get to know you, to understand your specific concerns and expectations. Then to tell you about what are the different possible approaches, and the pros and cons of each approach.

This consultation visit is not designed to present a treatment plan, discuss costs or to commit to any future work.

At the end of your visit, you will have a good idea of the different options that you have. And  at this visit, I don’t expect you to decide what you would like to have done.

Once you leave our office, you will have plenty of time to decide what you would like to have done – not do anything at all.  You are welcome to call us back with more questions about something that is not clear to you or simply call us back to set an appointment to go into detail about a specific approach.

With my experience as a dentist, mentor and student, I can present you with the most conservative, yet most advanced options that will give you the closest life-like results attainable.

Our team is a warm-hearted group of people that will leave you with unforgettable experiences, and we are just one phone call away.