How valuable is your time on the dental chair

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Hi all,

When you come to our office whether for the first time, or you have been here before, you will clearly notice that we take our time to see you. In fact, we block more time than really needed for each one of you, just in case.

And for those who are flying from out of state or from abroad, it is not unusual to see someone the whole day, and sometimes for more than one day.

With the large majority of our New Patients come from word of mouth from our existing patients, it is obvious that people appreciate the unique experience when they visit us.

Time spent is directly related to high quality, the job that needs 2 hours can’t be done in 40 minutes.

Whether listening to patients, working on them, or just teaching other dentists , I totally engage in the event.

From your dentist in Laurel MD

Andrew ArnoukHow valuable is your time on the dental chair

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