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Hi all,

If you were hungry, and wanted something fast to fill your stomach, you can go to McDonald’s and order a fast meal, and I’ve done that many times…

When you get your order, few things you can almost be sure of: The meal is inexpensive, you will get it  with almost no waiting time, it will be hot, will taste good, and it will make you full. However, the whole visit would be something average that you can go and experience  any day of the year.

You can even use the drive through, and get the same thing…  and after you eat you will never go and tell everyone you know that you just ate at McDonald’s, and the food was hot, fast and inexpensive, because everyone knows that, and that is called the McDonald’s experience.

But if you want to enjoy the experience, the environment, and the food, or wanted to invite someone you know, you would like to go to a better place than McDonald’s, you want something that has a lot of value.

At our office we deliver that special experience every time. When you come in, you can be sure that we (the whole team) will listen to you, we will take our time, we will deliver high quality product backed up by an incredible warranty (60 months), and you will feel that the environment is completely different, and you will know without a doubt that we as a team are here to serve you beyond your expectations.

At the end of a consultation visit of a new patient yesterday, I asked the patient: Were we able to meet your expectations, to which she replied: Beyond, beyond, beyond.

I call the McDonald’s experience in dentistry: McDentistry, and in reality everyone can choose the kind of experience he wants.

Since if you try to be cheap to attract more people to whatever you do, eventually someone will be cheaper, and attract those people back. Here at Key West Family Dentistry, we lead the way for being different, so much different, that your new experience would be an experience of its own.

Andrew Arnouk

Your dentist, Laurel md


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