Listed below are places and people that we personally trust and deal with on a regular bases:

Disclaimer: We have no benefits whatsoever for recommending  these people to you, other than the trust that was established over a long period of time.

Maple Lawn Orthodontics:  In Fulton, MD.  Dr. Kam Patel is my favorite orthodontist, when interdisciplinary treatment is needed. Very knowledgeable, and uses the Damon system in braces.

Implant & Oral Surgery Center in Maple Lawn:  Dr. Jay Haddad is an oral surgeon that we routinely refer patients to. Highly skilled and educated.

Oral Surgery Associates: They have multiple locations including Laurel.

Apex Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Center: Dr. Michael Muul in Columbia, MD.  Michael is very much familiar with one of my favorite implant systems on the market today Straumann.


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