dsc_2390Dental Implants – when a tooth is permanently lost, the only way to restore the missing space is by an implant or a bridge.

An implant consists of two parts: The first part is the actual implant that is inserted to the bone; and that part could be either titanium or zirconia, and the second part is the crown that sits on top of the implant.

Although we use multiple systems, our preferred implant system is Straumann, thanks to their success rates and longevity.

Current implants on the market are very predictable and can last for a long time. Since implants are made completely of titanium or zirconia they do not decay, also since an implant is not connected to any of the adjacent teeth, you can use dental floss to clean the area between the implant and the adjacent teeth.

Depends on the site of the implant and the general health of the person receiving it, some people might not be a good candidate for implants. A consultation with your dentist can give you the answer.