When do you need interdisciplinary dentistry

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Hi All,

Being a restorative dentist, I can help you a lot achieve an improved outcome, however, some situations are way more complicated to be achieved restoratively only, that is when interdisciplinary dentistry comes to play a role. It is achieve by a mutual effort of your restorative dentist, an orthodontist, a periodontist, and an oral surgeon. It might need one specialist, two specialists, or all three specialists combined with the restorative dentist to get you the desired results.

I work very closely with a team of incredible specialists when approaching a challenging case, I also can meet you at the specialist’s office to discuss your case while you are listening to me and the specialist talking about the different options to approach your case. During your complimentary consultation with the specialist, you can ask any question that you have on your mind, and between the two of us, we will give you an answer.

The consultation will take over a hour on an average, and it is part of my commitment to you, and your health. I have people that drive or fly hours to get to our office for this kind of advance dentistry.

The  options we discuss with you, will be the most conservative and efficient in your case, and you will feel that you have two friends on your side, that will help you understand your case fairly well.

Disclaimer: If have no interest of any kind when I send you to a specialist other than optimizing your treatment.

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Andrew ArnoukWhen do you need interdisciplinary dentistry

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