Insurance and Payments


  • At Key West Family Dentistry we accept any dental insurance company that is PPO ( If you have a PPO insurance, you can go to any dentist of your choosing, and your insurance won’t be able to limit you to whom you can see).
  • We don’t honor any dental insurance company that is HMO ( If you have an HMO insurance, your insurance will limit you to a very few dental offices that you can see, and if you wanted to go somewhere else, your insurance won’t pay for it).
  • If you have an HMO insurance, or medical assistance insurance (through the State), and you still like to come to our office, we would love to see you, however your insurance won’t pay for your visits.

Payment options: 

We accept the following types of payments:

If you have a fairly ok credit, or a cosigner, we can get you six months no interest through these two companies.

If you want a payment plan that is more than six months, we can do that too through one of the two companies above, it will incur a low interest rate  that depends on the amount you are requesting, how long, and your credit score.

Disclaimer: Regardless of the payment option you choose, we have no interest in whatever you choose.

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