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During a recent trip to Arizona to help mentoring a hands-on course for three days, I was surprised to see a fairly recent graduate and young dentist, who flew from Jamaica to take the course.
Hands-on courses in dentistry are a very serious commitment, for two reasons: 1- You have to be out of the office for a few days at the time, and 2- Hands-on courses are very expensive (they can cost thousands of dollars each).
For these reasons and more, you will only see the best of the best in these courses, the dentists who are committed to be the best they can be. In these courses there is no place for mediocre ones.

So for that fairly new dentist to be in a course like this, can be either one of two: Either he/she was lucky to find a mentorĀ to guide them toward being the best at what you do, or someone that has that internal drive since they were young (very few people are blessed with this gift).
When I asked her if she had a mentor that guided her toward taking this course, to which she replied no, so how did you find out about advanced continuing education? she said: When I decided to be a dentist, I wanted to be very good at what I do, so being here was obvious to me.

If you take anything you do in life very seriously, your life would have a meaning, and you will have an unstoppable momentum, and going to work changes to going to make a difference in somebody’s life.

Being an educator has helped me meet some wonderful people from all over. Good education is the best thing you can give to others and to yourself.
Each time I fly somewhere as an educator or as a student, I am always on the look to influence someone, or get influenced by someone else.

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