Do you still have these in your mouth

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Amalgam fillings: For over 200 years, metal fillings (amalgam) have been used in dentistry, and till today many dental offices in the US and other countries are still using them. I placed my last one over 10 years ago.

Metal fillings if left long enough, they will cause fundamental damage to the tooth. Since these fillings stay in the tooth by means of mechanical retention, which means they don’t bond to the tooth, the margins eventually starts to leak, and if few years, the tooth will change color to blue, which will cause a carpet decay under the filling.

The main concern of metal fillings, is the cracks that they cause to the teeth, these cracks, even through they might look small, they are fairly deep, and they can cause a fracture in the teeth, which some have no treatment but extraction.

Another serious concern is the mercury in the amalgam, and there is all kinds of study on that.

If you like to have your metal fillings replaced with teeth colored fillings,  we can discuss that with you.

Metal fillings can be replaced and phased out all at once, or one tooth at the time, like in the patient below.



Andrew ArnoukDo you still have these in your mouth

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