What to do when in need of an emergency dentist

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Many have experienced the frantic waiting room of the ER at a hospital. It is often scary to need an emergency room to care for you when your health has taken a downward turn. We are all trained to rush to the ER at the first sign of a medical emergency, yet have we ever been trained to deal with a dental emergency?

Today, I was chatting with a patient of mine who is a registered nurse in a hospital, working in the emergency room. She brought up that they have many dental emergencies despite their inability to help them. She proceeded to mention that some patients in pain have a waiting time of 5-8 hours before being seen and when they are finally seen, the doctors have no training whatsoever in dental care. The most they are given is an anesthetic to help with pain which ultimately only eases the discomfort for 2-3 hours.

When faced with a dental emergency, we will do our best to accommodate the same day. Dental emergencies often happen after business hours. Because the cause and treatment of your emergency can vary, the best way to alleviate your discomfort is to be seen as soon as possible. However, regular check ups at a dental office could someday save you this trip to the ER.


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Andrew ArnoukWhat to do when in need of an emergency dentist

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