When dentistry becomes artistry

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When you go to a specific business to get some kind of service, how do you know what kind of value you are getting, do you consider  location is the main factor (how close it is to you), or maybe the price ( the less expensive the better), or maybe someone mentioned a business for you. Or it could be one of many other reasons.

I myself struggled with this question for the longest time, and eventually I found the answer ( regardless of the business), and that is:

How many continuing education hours did you have last year? This is the question that I ask now when I go to any place to get an important service, that has a lot of value, and everything else is details for me, like distance, price, convenience to my schedule, and so on. I just make it happen.

My endeavor is to become the best I can be in what I do, it takes me to many destinations each year including many international ones, I believe that  setting a limit on your development is limiting yourself from achieving what is possible for you in the future.

And after all, every single thing you do in life, you put your seal on it, whether you are aware of this fact or not. Have you watched nature in action, and the beauty it leaves behind every time?

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Andrew ArnoukWhen dentistry becomes artistry

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