How does dental insurance work?

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Dental insurance is somewhat different than medical insurance. Usually most dental insurance companies give you an annual maximum of $1000-$2000. This is usually the normal situation. Your max could be slightly more or less depending on the company, but this range is again the norm.

Most insurances start Jan 1 to Dec 31 of each year, which means that if you didn’t use your insurance for any specific year, you lose your ¬†money for that year, and then in Jan 1 you start new benefits again.

Many people can go 4-5 years or more without using their dental insurance, and while they are losing their max each year, they are paying premium each month to keep their insurance.

Some people like to wait until the end of each year to use their insurance, and some ending up losing some of their benefits for that year, since they simply couldn’t schedule all of the work needed in such a short amount of time at the end of the year.

To maximize on the benefits of your insurance, you should plan it carefully in the beginning of each year, whether you come to our office, or you go to another office, it is your health.

People who come to our office are offered a complete break down on their insurance by our office coordinator as a courtesy.

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Andrew ArnoukHow does dental insurance work?

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