Conservative Dentistry

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Hi all,

This is a case that was approached ultra conservatively. This patient came in complaining of sensitivity on a back molar. Clinical exam and x-ray confirmed an ill-fitting filing that the bonding broke loose, and a recurrent decay spread under.

-The filling was removed, and another small decay was noticed on the adjacent molar, it was cleaned coservatively from the side without touching the top of the tooth, then filled.

-The proximal gum between the two molars was removed with a laser beam, then the large cavity was cleaned, till solid dentin was reached.

-The large cavity was covered with a sensitivity preventing material, insulated, then built slowly using the advanced layering technique ( 30+ layers of multiple material  till the tooth was filled).

-Both teeth were polished to a super smooth surface to prevent any staining or  food trapping, and both looked like they were never touched.

-All the pictures were taken in single visit.  Within few days the gum would fill the area between the two teeth, and the whole area would look like untouched teeth.

– No crown or root canal treatment was done to the tooth with the large cavity.

-The patient couldn’t be happier, he was spared a long and expensive treatment, that was totally avoided.

-This treatment is not cheap ( yet it is just a fraction of what would have cost if the tooth were treated differently), it takes a long visit to do, but it is very rewarding for me and for the patient.

– This is the type of conservative dentistry that we practice daily at your Dentist Laurel MD, and that is why we have patients who are willing to  fly to MD from different states.

The pictures were published in sequence of treatment.

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