Correcting imperfections

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Hi All,

Most people have some sort of imperfection  that they would rather not have. It could be in weight, diet, smile or a variety of things. And you can just ignore it, or do something about it.

In this case, I addressed the front tooth only, even though there are still issues to be addressed in the back area.   I corrected the imperfection in the smile which addressed the following four flaws:

1- Inaccurate form and shape proportion in relationship to the adjacent teeth.

2- Color is off and monotone (sameness of  color, sometimes to a boring degree) in reference to the adjacent teeth.

3- Margin of the old restoration has an overhange over the adjacent gingiva.

4- Black triangle between the old restoration and the adjacent teeth, which cause the proximal gum to shrink.


It take a high level of skills, case analysis and excellent communications with a master ceramist to produce these kinds of results.

It all started with a  courtesy consultation to discuss the different options available.

I hope that you enjoy the makeover for before and after.

From your cosmetic dentist in Laurel, MD



DSC_1295  Before




DSC_7322 After

Andrew ArnoukCorrecting imperfections

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