Taking the first step

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Hi all,

As I am getting ready to fly this week to Arizona to help  mentor another hands-on course to a group of dedicated dentists, I was thinking of  when I used to fly to different centers, domestic and abroad, to improve my dental knowledge, clinical skills and decision making processes.

It took years, hundreds of thousands of miles, extended days off of the office, and huge financial sacrifices to get to where I am now. Yet it all started with a clear vision of what I wanted, and then taking the first step. Everything that followed was just details.

Having a beautiful smile for some people, is a long and hard journey, yet it starts with a decision to have something better than what they have now, and simply taking the first step.

Here is an example of how a first step looks like in a long journey. It is a before and after case that I just started recently.

In life, what pushes you to take the next step is the rewards that you reap from taking the first step.

As Napoleon Hill said: “Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit”

From your Cosmetic Dentist in Laurel MD

Andrew Arnouk

Before and After pictures:


Andrew ArnoukTaking the first step

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