Google reviews, can I trust them?

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Hi all,

When you want to use a business for the first time, you go over google reviews to decide whether you should call, or you should check another business.

For me, when I look at the reviews, I start by looking at newest reviews first, and I check the different dates. If a business is getting multiple reviews in a single day, week, or even month, and the reviews were short, or just blank with five stars, I know that the business is pushing their clients to post a review, in return for financial compensation for the clients who leave a positive review, or for the employees who ask their clients for a review.

These types of reviews usually look shallow, and lack credibility for me, and I usually move to the next business.

The second thing I do is that I search the reviews by: Lowest rating first, and those are usually long and detailed, and I can get some feeling about the way the business is run, and the quality of the work.

The last thing I check, is the regular and lengthy reviews, and I see what other people are saying about that business, since those reviews usually tell the true story without distortion.

A quality and well established business, should have reviews that stretch back years, and they are well apart in time, rather than a bunch of reviews that just happened in such a short time, like a few weeks or few months.

This is how I picked my medical doctor, dentist, and even the restaurants that I go to.

Your dentist in Laurel, MD

Andrew ArnoukGoogle reviews, can I trust them?

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