Dental Trauma, a life changing experience

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Dear friends of Key West Family Dentistry,

When you are young and healthy, and things are going well for you, you can take life for granted. But sometimes, life would have a different plans for you.

This is a case of a  young  person who had an unfortunate accident, that caused him to lose  one third of his front tooth.

When unfortunate things happen to others, we usually say: That is sad, and then we go about our daily lives and forget about it, however, when an event like this happens to you, I promise that it would shatter your whole life right in front of your eyes, and your self-esteem would cease to exist.

Many questions would bombard your brain;

-What if  I lost the tooth eventually?

-How am I going to work like this now?

-How can I smile and talk to people like this?

-Will I have pain later on?

And many more questions.

I deal with cases like this, and much more complicated cases, on a regular bases, and that is why my job is so  rewarding.

Producing life-like result is our passion. If you ever wondered whether any imperfections  in your smile, could be corrected.

I would love to share with you the possibilities

From you Cosmetic dentist in Laurel, MD

Andrew ArnoukDental Trauma, a life changing experience

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