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During a recent trip to Arizona to help mentoring a hands-on course for three days, I was surprised to see a fairly recent graduate and young dentist, who flew from Jamaica to take the course.
Hands-on courses in dentistry are a very serious commitment, for two reasons: 1- You have to be out of the office for a few days at the time, and 2- Hands-on courses are very expensive (they can cost thousands of dollars each).
For these reasons and more, you will only see the best of the best in these courses, the dentists who are committed to be the best they can be. In these courses there is no place for mediocre ones.

So for that fairly new dentist to be in a course like this, can be either one of two: Either he/she was lucky to find a mentor to guide them toward being the best at what you do, or someone that has that internal drive since they were young (very few people are blessed with this gift).
When I asked her if she had a mentor that guided her toward taking this course, to which she replied no, so how did you find out about advanced continuing education? she said: When I decided to be a dentist, I wanted to be very good at what I do, so being here was obvious to me.

If you take anything you do in life very seriously, your life would have a meaning, and you will have an unstoppable momentum, and going to work changes to going to make a difference in somebody’s life.

Being an educator has helped me meet some wonderful people from all over. Good education is the best thing you can give to others and to yourself.
Each time I fly somewhere as an educator or as a student, I am always on the look to influence someone, or get influenced by someone else.

Andrew Arnouk

Andrew ArnoukInfluence

When do you need interdisciplinary dentistry

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Hi All,

Being a restorative dentist, I can help you a lot achieve an improved outcome, however, some situations are way more complicated to be achieved restoratively only, that is when interdisciplinary dentistry comes to play a role. It is achieve by a mutual effort of your restorative dentist, an orthodontist, a periodontist, and an oral surgeon. It might need one specialist, two specialists, or all three specialists combined with the restorative dentist to get you the desired results.

I work very closely with a team of incredible specialists when approaching a challenging case, I also can meet you at the specialist’s office to discuss your case while you are listening to me and the specialist talking about the different options to approach your case. During your complimentary consultation with the specialist, you can ask any question that you have on your mind, and between the two of us, we will give you an answer.

The consultation will take over a hour on an average, and it is part of my commitment to you, and your health. I have people that drive or fly hours to get to our office for this kind of advance dentistry.

The  options we discuss with you, will be the most conservative and efficient in your case, and you will feel that you have two friends on your side, that will help you understand your case fairly well.

Disclaimer: If have no interest of any kind when I send you to a specialist other than optimizing your treatment.

From your dentist in Laurel, MD

Andrew Arnouk

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Andrew ArnoukWhen do you need interdisciplinary dentistry

Do you still have these in your mouth

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Amalgam fillings: For over 200 years, metal fillings (amalgam) have been used in dentistry, and till today many dental offices in the US and other countries are still using them. I placed my last one over 10 years ago.

Metal fillings if left long enough, they will cause fundamental damage to the tooth. Since these fillings stay in the tooth by means of mechanical retention, which means they don’t bond to the tooth, the margins eventually starts to leak, and if few years, the tooth will change color to blue, which will cause a carpet decay under the filling.

The main concern of metal fillings, is the cracks that they cause to the teeth, these cracks, even through they might look small, they are fairly deep, and they can cause a fracture in the teeth, which some have no treatment but extraction.

Another serious concern is the mercury in the amalgam, and there is all kinds of study on that.

If you like to have your metal fillings replaced with teeth colored fillings,  we can discuss that with you.

Metal fillings can be replaced and phased out all at once, or one tooth at the time, like in the patient below.



Andrew ArnoukDo you still have these in your mouth

Education First

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Hi all,

Continuing education knows no boundaries, and as part of my commitment to be the best clinician I could be, I am  leading a team of fine dentists for another  trip to Brazil, where we will meet a world class clinician for a week of hands on course.

Dentistry has been  changing so rapidly in the last two decades, that staying just few years without connecting to the recent advancements, would render you completely obsolete.

My time is spent on the followings year round: Practicing at the office, training other dentists, and learning myself.

From your dentist in Laurel, MD




Andrew ArnoukEducation First

For out of state patients

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Hello everybody,

For those of you who are flying from out of state, we like to suggest that  you to fly to BWI airport. If you arrange with us, our concierge can pick you up at the airport at the baggage claim, or outside at the arrival, and bring you straight to our dental office in Laurel, MD.

If you want we can even arrange a hotel for you. There are few within a walking distance from us, but the hotel that we have arrangement with is Holiday Inn West Laurel. This hotel is very clean, safe, and offer our clients free breakfast. ( We don’t have any financial benefit of any kind).

While you are in Laurel, MD for your dental work, we suggest to try Tampico Grill Restaurant, I know you will love it.

Curtesy of your Cosmetic Dentist in Laurel, MD, and Key West Family Dentistry

Andrew Arnouk


Andrew ArnoukFor out of state patients

Second Opinion/Consultation

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If you haven’t been to our office before, one way to experience us for the first time, is to schedule for a curtesy consultation/ second opinion.
It takes usually 30 min to an hour with me. I might take one or more x-rays as part of your visit, to b able to diagnose properly. You will meet me and the rest of the team here. I will LISTEN to your concerns, and give you the most conservative options to your situation, with the pros and cons of each option, and you get to choose what you want to do.
Being a mentor at the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry, Which is the most advanced dental institute in the US, I can offer you conservative options, that you might have thought, don’t exist. Also you will be exposed to the option of phasing out any treatment over a period of time, so that it won’t disrupt your time and budget.

When you leave our office, you will have a good idea about your own condition, and an immediate sense of friendship with our own people. And when you come back, you will feel that you are among people that you knew for a long time, and among people who truly care about you.

From your dentist in Laurel, MD
Andrew Arnouk

Andrew ArnoukSecond Opinion/Consultation


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Since teeth are designed in a bell shape, the space between each two adjacent teeth is filled with a piece of gum called papilla which is one of the most important aspect of a natural smile. In a natural smile this papilla fills the spaces between adjacent teeth completely, however this papilla can collapse and eventually get lost which will create what is called black triangle.
A black triangle in a person with high smile line ( someone who shows a lot of teeth and or teeth and gums during a full smile ) is an annoying imperfection to the smile that can cause the person to become very much self aware of this to the point where some people will eventually smile half way only where the upper lip doesn’t go all the way up to show this imperfection. Black triangle  be corrected in some situations, and in other situations it can’t ( which means lost forever).

  • One of the main reasons that can cause an irreversible (a nightmare for patients and dentist) loss to the papilla is gum disease. Since gum is sitting on top of bone, loosing  bone due to a gum disease and calculus build up material on the teeth (which is full of bacterial) can cause the bone to break down and the gum on top of it follow leading to a black triangle. This situation can be handled, with regular check ups and professional cleaning of teeth, before it starts.
  • Another reason is upper anterior teeth with roots that are divergent, which in many instances can be corrected with mild ortho with a traditional braces or with clear ones like Invisalign.
  • Another reason is tapered teeth which cause the contact area to go closer to the incisal edges of the teeth and make it difficult for the papilla to close all this space. In this case the correction can be done either restoratively by bonding some composite to the side of each tooth to squeeze the papilla and close the space or by stripping the contact area between the upper anterior teeth slightly, and bringing the teeth closer together with ortho.
  • And the last reason is untreated proximal decay in the anterior teeth, due to neglect, fear or finance.
    Your cosmetic dentist in Laurel MD can easily discuss this issue with you and talk about different options to correct it.


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Root canals are like any other dental procedures, once you are numb, it is like doing a filling, completely pain free. Also a reasonable percentage of infected root canals are done without any anesthesia at call with zero discomfort. Also using the rotary nickle titanium flexible files, root canals are done now more efficiently, and with a higher success rate.
A root canal is the last attempt to save a tooth from being extracted, that is why regular cleanings and check ups will help detect any cavity from getting to the nerve and ultimately causing the tooth to require a root canal treatment, or worse, extraction.