I don’t like my gap

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Gaps in the esthetic zone are fairly common, they are the results of different reasons, like having small size teeth, large frenum of the upper lip, permanently missing lateral incisors, and others. Some people don’t mind having them, but some like them closed. They can be restored orthodontically by moving teeth and closing the gap, using bonding material or porcelain veneers/ crowns. … Read More

Andrew ArnoukI don’t like my gap

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

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Hi all, It all starts with a second opinion or a consultation visit, and then taking the first step. As I am getting ready to fly this week to Arizona to help  mentor another hands-on course to a group of dedicated dentists, I was thinking of  when I used to flying to different centers to improve my dental knowledge, clinical … Read More

Andrew ArnoukThe journey of a thousand miles begins with one step