Our dentistry and the environment

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Hi All, Since Key West Family Dentistry was opened, we always had the environment on our mind. Today, we are no different than the first day we opened. Mercury is a heavy metal, and discharging it into the environment can cause serious damage, especially to the Chesapeake Bay, and all the sea creatures that live there. Even though we don’t … Read More

Andrew ArnoukOur dentistry and the environment

Conservative Dentistry

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Hi all, This is a case that was approached ultra conservatively. This patient came in complaining of sensitivity on a back molar. Clinical exam and x-ray confirmed an ill-fitting filing that the bonding broke loose, and a recurrent decay spread under. -The filling was removed, and another small decay was noticed on the adjacent molar, it was cleaned coservatively from … Read More

Andrew ArnoukConservative Dentistry