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During a recent trip to Arizona to help mentoring a hands-on course for three days, I was surprised to see a fairly recent graduate and young dentist, who flew from Jamaica to take the course. Hands-on courses in dentistry are a very serious commitment, for two reasons: 1- You have to be out of the office for a few days … Read More

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When do you need interdisciplinary dentistry

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Hi All, Being a restorative dentist, I can help you a lot achieve an improved outcome, however, some situations are way more complicated to be achieved restoratively only, that is when interdisciplinary dentistry comes to play a role. It is achieve by a mutual effort of your restorative dentist, an orthodontist, a periodontist, and an oral surgeon. It might need … Read More

Andrew ArnoukWhen do you need interdisciplinary dentistry

Do you still have these in your mouth

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Amalgam fillings: For over 200 years, metal fillings (amalgam) have been used in dentistry, and till today many dental offices in the US and other countries are still using them. I placed my last one over 10 years ago. Metal fillings if left long enough, they will cause fundamental damage to the tooth. Since these fillings stay in the tooth … Read More

Andrew ArnoukDo you still have these in your mouth